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Baptists in Jordan support Palestinian rights

Reverend Doctor Nabeeh Abbasi the deputy head of the Jordan Baptist Convention said that Baptists support without hesitation the rights of the Palestinian people and reject Christian Zionist ideology as it pertains to the Palestinian cause.

Logo of Jordan Baptist Convention

Abbasi was responding to a question from Maghtas.com regarding the retraction in support among evangelical youths in America towards Israel.

He said that Baptists churches pastors and members all “support their brothers in Palestine and their right to their land and an independent state on their land. “

He said Baptists reject Christian Zionist thinking which has infiltrated some western churches who use them to create myths from the old testament in order to justify the expansion of Jewish presence in Palestine. “The holders of this Zionist thinking fail to understand the time and historic background to the Bible.”

Abbasi called all to remember that the prophecies of the Lord are that Christians live in justice and equality and defend the rights of those suffering from injustice. This is God’s responsibility to us and we must abide by it,” he said.

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